About Us

Unique Candy Cakes by Mec was started in 2013 after seeing a few interesting Candy Cakes on Pinterest. I gave it a try, my creative nature kicked in, and I began creating sweet center pieces for treat tables. The rest is Herstory!


 My first Candy Cake was made especially for my aunt’s 50th birthday. We used all of her childhood favorites like now and laters, pop rocks, sugar daddy’s, candy cigarettes, pixy sticks straws, and lemonheads. Hers was a one of a kind, unique, creation that truly made a statement at her celebration.  


Over the years, I continued to make candy cakes as gifts for friends and family and enjoyed adding a bit of nostalgia to their special occasion by making a candy cake of their favorite things. A friend, whom I call my angel, convinced me to turn my passion, creativity and drive into the business. In July 2018, my faith brought me to Unique Candy Cakes by Mec. 

I’ve done countless birthday parties, retirement celebrations, baby showers and events. The themes have range from chocolates to spirits and everything in between- each with their own style. Tell me what your favorites are and I’ll turn them into a Unique Candy Cake by Mec! 


Tomeca M Goodwin is a certified Community Health Worker and Health and Life Coach, a licensed Notary for the state of Ohio, as well as the creative hand behind Unique Candy Cakes by Mec. She has a passion for helping others, bringing awareness of invisible disabilities, and supports several community and non-profit organizations. Tomeca has been employed at one of the largest health care systems in Ohio for more than 27 years. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Service and Associates of Arts in Business. She is working on her Health and Life insurance certification.